laurenh-mgn-marijuanadabbingTALIAFERRO COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — You’ve probably heard the song, maybe even seen the dance move it’s named after, but the drug connection to “dabbing” is much more dangerous.
Dab, or marijuana wax, is a highly concentrated form of THC oil, and after a recent drug bust, officers are expecting to see more of it here. The wax, also called “honey oil,” “budder,” “dab,” or “butane hash oil,” is becoming more popular to smoke.
“It’s very potent. One gram as they say “one hit wonder,'” Chief Deputy Todd Dent.
It’s also been called the “crack” of pot.
“If they use it they’re more like someone who has used cocaine because they are more just out of it,” Dent said.
A couple South Carolina guys, Seth Hodges and Robert Keith, are out of it quite literally after a drug bust during a traffic stop this weekend. Taliaferro County deputies pulled them over for tinted windows and found 9 ounces of marijuana wax in the car.
“A gram of this is going to average between $70-$100 where as a gram of the leafy substance is $15,” Dent said.
When asked if he thought dab would become more prevalent, Chief Deputy Dent said, “It is.”
It’s called dab because that’s all you need to use to get a powerful high. It’s growing more popular with the younger generation.
“The older crowd is the leafy stuff, but this they can put in the E-cigarettes or in the vapors,” Dent said.
When it’s vaped, it has no odor.
But, Dent says don’t mistake odorless for harmless. You make the oil with butane, which according to the DEA, has led to “violent” explosions across the country.
“It can explode, blow your house up, blow the car up because it’s just like meth. It’s very flammable,” he said.
Officers say the much stronger dose of THC could have our teen behaving differently.
“They’re going to start acting like a crackhead. I know that’s not the proper thing to say, but when they start acting like that, it’s time to get some help for them,” he said.
There’s no solid research on the effects of using the new form of the old drug, according to the DEA, but the dangers of making the oil have proved fatal across the country.