The Chicago Tribune endorsed Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson on Friday as a “principled option” beyond the typical red-blue binary.
The conservative paper’s editorial board argued that the Democratic and Republican parties have drifted so far from the United States’ political mainstream and failed to nominate suitable candidates to the top of their tickets.
The paper’s editorial is as much an indictment of Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump as it is an endorsement of former New Mexico Gov. Johnson.
“We reject the cliché that a citizen who chooses a principled third-party candidate is squandering his or her vote. Look at the number of fed-up Americans telling pollsters they clamor for alternatives to Trump and Clinton.
This recommendation follows a growing trend among right-leaning or moderate newspapers — which don’t like Trump but generally cannot bring themselves to support Clinton — to urge their readers to vote for Johnson.
Like clockwork, Trump took to Twitter to compliment people who canceled their subscriptions to the Dallas Morning News and the Arizona Republic over their endorsements and gloated over the possibility of USA Today’s losing readers.

2016 Presidential Election Newspaper Endorsements

Newspaper 2016 Endorsement Endorsement Date 2012 Endorsement
Chicago Tribune
Illinois Gary Johnson September 30, 2016 Barack Obama
Florida Hillary Clinton September 29, 2016 Mitt Romney
USA Today
Virginia Not Donald Trump September 29, 2016 No endorsement
The Baltimore Sun
Maryland Hillary Clinton September 29, 2016 Barack Obama
The Detroit News
Michigan Gary Johnson September 29, 2016 Mitt Romney
The Arizona Republic
Arizona Hillary Clinton September 27, 2016 Mitt Romney
Portland Press Herald
Maine Hillary Clinton September 25, 2016 No endorsement
The New York Times
New York Hillary Clinton September 24, 2016 Barack Obama
Akron Beacon Journal
Ohio Hillary Clinton September 24, 2016 Barack Obama
Los Angeles Times
California Hillary Clinton September 23, 2016 Barack Obama
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Ohio Hillary Clinton September 23, 2016 Mitt Romney
The Canton Repository
Ohio No endorsement September 18, 2016 No endorsement
New Hampshire Union Leader
New Hampshire Gary Johnson September 15, 2016 Mitt Romney
Winston-Salem Journal
North Carolina Gary Johnson September 11, 2016 Barack Obama
The Dallas Morning News
Texas Hillary Clinton September 6, 2016 Mitt Romney
The Berkshire Eagle
Massachusetts Hillary Clinton September 3, 2016 Barack Obama
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Virginia Gary Johnson September 3, 2016 Mitt Romney
The Caledonian-Record
Vermont Gary Johnson August 9, 2016 No endorsement
Tulsa World
Oklahoma No endorsement August 8, 2016 Mitt Romney
San Francisco Chronicle
California Hillary Clinton August 5, 2016 Barack Obama
Houston Chronicle
Texas Hillary Clinton July 29, 2016 Mitt Romney
New York Daily News
New York Hillary Clinton July 28, 2016 Mitt Romney

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