Dolly Parton has long been one of the most successful women in America. Her music, acting and patriotism has helped her to establish one of the most credible reputations in the country. She’s been pretty much liberal in the past, and a big supporter of HRC. But times are changing, and Dolly recently made some public comments no one saw coming. She was inspired by Hillary at first and the way she carried herself in politics.
Dolly felt the country was advancing. Having a woman nominee for president shows how far we’ve come since Dolly’s youth. Unfortunately for Hillary, Dolly has changed her mind about the female nominee. Mrs. Parton recently saw the light so to speak.
She realized Hillary was not the woman she thought she was. Her viewpoint shifted to see Hillary as one of the worst possible people to have in the White House. Hillary’s role as a champion suddenly vanished in the blink of an eye from the famous country western singer. Dolly now understands Clinton is a liar and someone who cannot be trusted. Many people in the nation are waking up to Hillary’s corrupt ways.
So What Did Dolly Parton Say About Hillary Clinton?
In a recent interview Dolly Parton put her thoughts about Hillary as straight forward as possible. She called Hillary, “nuts.” Parton then went on to call Hillary’s entire campaign, “just crazy.”
She also argued that Americans deserve to see the real Hillary. Not the façade she’s created to create influence with the population. Dolly is downright sick and tired of seeing the people lied to and she put the spotlight straight onto Hillary for it She said, “Let’s talk about what we really need – taking care of us.”
“I think people just want to have a feeling of security. It’s just like political terrorism right now. We’ve got room for improvement,” Parton added.
According to Parton, there is no room for the likes of Hillary in office. Our country simply cannot take another lying president. It’s obvious from Hillary’s past statements about Deplorable Americans, that she could care less for at least half the population.
What does that say about her character? And how can she even begin to throw accusations around about character with the lies she’s told. The emails related to Benghazi are no longer a secret. Even high ups like Colon Powell are now throwing her under the bus.
My guess is Hillary’s lies and deceit are like an iceberg, let me explain. When you look at an iceberg, about 90% of it is under water. At best, I imagined about 90% of Hillary’s lies are also under the surface. All we’ve seen are the 10% or so that have slipped out into the limelight. I’ll make it clear there is no guarantee of this, but it’s a good speculation by my guess.
There’s an old saying I often think of, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.” And if that’s the case, we’re going to be in for a lot of suffering if Hillary wins the election. Because if she’s willing to lie about one thing, she’s willing to lie about everything.