Like really let’s have a look at society today. Where Kim Kardashian the queen of reality show’s gets robbed at gunpoint and now has a self-imposed strike. Not posting on social media which is worth an estimate million dollars a month. Really? What a pop society culture we are. First off how stupid are you to be travelling with 10 million in jewelry. Secondly it shows how stupid society has become that allows her to have this kind of lifestyle, an entitled tramp party girl that ends up with a hit reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” because people actually hold this as some type of value. Never had to work a day in her life, even the clothing boutique went bust but hey she landed her Kayne.
Then another reality star clown Donald Trump is running for president. If there is one thing that his bid for the white house has left us with, “how did this guy get so rich”. Well inheriting almost, a 100 million does help. But truly he is a total idiot. Then we have the Clinton’s who have proven without a shadow of a doubt that clown’s in the white house seem to be the norm now a day’s Obama has done nothing but lived the I had dream card for eight years with Clinton and the crew pulling his strings while making a fortune on speaking engagements, and taking donations for a fraud foundation from special intrest groups. Now they are going be at the head of the most powerful nation in the world again. Celebrity pop culture is now running everything. While wall street bankers pull the strings and keep on selling you the fraud which is the American dream.
Sound bites are more important than actual policy. Qualifications and intelligence have no place anymore just popularity based on glamour and lifestyle, and if an actor, rapper or reality show star say’s it so we now take it as gospel. How can we even be taken seriously anymore with anything? China slowly buy’s up middle east oil rights along with North American business and real-estate. Russia builds military might and laughs at the fact that America is really a threat anymore. All while we are keeping up with the Kardashians seeing who is getting voted out on Big Brother, or what the rich housewives of everywhere but reality is up too.
Eight years ago is Obama had not bailed out wall street the good old U.S.A would have been bankrupt and maybe we would have gotten back to reality instead of the fantasy we are absorbed in now. The working class is slowly becoming no class and if we are not careful the next ten tears might just bust that pop bubble with a bang that kills millions. But let’s just keep keeping up with all the stars and watch and follow those pop stars and actors that never have to worry. For as second world countries might just take all the labour based work from us and we all wake up too keeping up with the bankrupt third world reality.