The Honking Goose

There is a good chance Californians will pass Prop 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, on November 4th. I am for legalization and I will likely vote yes.


I have many friends who are pro-marijuana, but not all of them are pro-legalization. They are, rather, pro-medical marijuana and pro-decriminalization.

This has become a hotly debated topic among my social media network of homies. And some folks are downright rabid about exposing the downsides of AUMA and urging others to vote against the bill. But I’m finding all their arguments to be pretty weak.

For instance, how the tax revenue will be divided: $10M to a public university or universities; $3M annually to the California Highway Patrol; $10M Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development; $2M UCSD for medicinal cannabis research; remaining funds: 60% Department of Health Care Services and the Department of Education; 20% environmental restoration; 20% state and…

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