Nestle is only paying 3.71 cdn per million liters of water in Ontario yet an Ontario resident is paying 3450 dollars for the same amount of water used in their home. So, a private company from Switzerland is making billions at the cost of Canadian tax payers and at the rate of six million liters a day with the new well they have stolen basically from the Welland township. Why is Kathleen Wynne and the provincial and federal government allowing this to happen?

This company is raping our country they do not even employ 500 people. So, there is no economic advantage here. It British Columbia they pay 2.25 per million liters of water they had 235 000 people sign a petition to draw attention to this and nothing has happened. How can the Mayor of Hope agree that 90 people are employed there and this works for him?

Are higher fees an answer or do we stop letting a transnational company continue to profit billions of dollars on are greatest resource. At the rate that nestle is taking ground water out of our water shed how long will it last?

The government is looking out it seems for the Nestle corporation and not the long-time conservation of our greatest resource. Spokesperson for Nestle Canada has stated they are willing to pay more and dully so. Anywhere else in the world where they are pumping water their rate is 50 to 100 times more. 121.00 to 250 American currency dollars per million liters. So, let’s do the math right now they are paying $22260000.00 a day when if we increased this to even $50.00 per million liters still less than half anywhere else, you now how a revenue stream of $300000000.00 a day. Guess that could help offset hydro cost and maybe reduce the upcoming carbon tax.

Here we have just another example how as Canadians we pay and pay gain for transnational companies to record billions in yearly profits and rape the future of generations to come.