Due to the past U.S.A federal election and the role that face book played in the media and coverage of the entire 18 months a study by FB was launched. Basically, because Zuckerberg and the FB staff backed Hilary Clinton and are beginning to become more and more a none freedom of speech community and are policing their community more and more. Of course, the Police force is based on their belief system and values so bottom line censorship is here.
This afternoon a big press release is expected by FB that they will be cracking down on fake news stories. Blogs and posts best have facts straight and research done. The problem is this CNN likes to make things up as they go and have been very politically bias from their conception. Most of mainstream media has to serve their masters and one Face Book the revolutionary of giving all a voice and now the biggest player in alternative media is about to take steps in the same direction as the establishment norm.
Who knows where this could lead for the social media pioneer and giant. But the very roots of their conception will soon and maybe forever be changed. Zuckerberg along with goggle are going to hit these fake news sites in their pocket. You will not be able to use AdSense advertising which is where these sites make their money. In the BMMC opinion if they leave the censorship here this would be a good thing.