Canadian lawmakers are “perturbed” to find out that husbands can claim welfare benefits for multiple wives in Ontario. Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community and Social Services, responded to a report from the Canadian Society of Muslims that estimated that “several hundred” men in the Greater Toronto Area are in polygamous marriages and are receiving welfare payments for their multiple wives. Bigamy remains illegal in Canada and the rules officially bar applicants for welfare from claiming for more than one spouse. But somehow it has been discovered that this is not the case, not only is polygamy is alive and well in Toronto and except across the Islamic faith, the Canadian tax payers in Ontario are paying for it.
Meilleur is quoted by the Ottawa Citizen back in February, saying, “Not knowing the law is not an excuse. They should know that in Canada there is no polygamy and that only one wife is covered.” First off why are we covering so many immigrants and none Canadian citizens with tax dollars and not, looking after our growing senior and disabled Canadian born population.
Secondly if we are paying welfare benefits for multiple wives clearly showing the proof of breaking our federal laws, why in hell are we paying instead of arresting, jailing and deporting these people. Ontario’s Liberal Leader and Premier Mrs. Wynn has no comment yet supports the differences of refugees and Muslim people who want the freedom to practice their religious rights here in Canada. So, I guess
“You are not allowed to have multiple marriages in Canada so to have a situation where the benefits system is treating people in different ways is totally unacceptable and will serve to undermine confidence in the system.
“This sets a precedent that will lead to more demands for the culture of other countries to be reflected in Canadian law and the benefits system.” Of course, Justin Trudeau seems to have no problem with this. They want to bring more refugees and immigrants who practice polygamy and he wants the Canadian people to foot the bill.